Brick Request

Brick Request

The Memorial Wall is located at the back of the overflow parking lot at the Rome Braves Stadium.

Please note: The wall is not affiliated with the baseball stadium in any way.

The Compassionate Friends guidelines require that bricks for the wall must ONLY be purchased for a child, grandchild, or sibling.

Name of the person requesting the brick
Name of the person requesting the brick

Information to be printed on the brick

Note:The brick company requires the order for bricks be in lots of 10. Depending on the number of requests, there could be a delay in placing orders.

I affirm the above information is correct and accurate and understand that the information provided will be how it is engraved on the brick.

I authorize and release to have the brick installed at the wall for public viewing.

I understand that the price for the brick is $60 and I will be contacted by a Rome Chapter of Compassionate Friends representative to arrange payment by check or Venmo.